Student Housing

We make student housing an asset for institution-wide goal achievement. Students often base their college choice primarily on academic programs, however for many students this provides a short list of schools. The last and final decision in selecting their school of choice will be made based on the living environment, often of the first years. We regularly see this importance is not reflected in campus strategic plans, which on many campuses scarcely mention campus living.

Student Housing

Further Campus Goals

Your student housing is a significant campus asset that contributes directly toward campus goals in student recruitment and retention, and overall academic success and degree retention.  We help you best leverage student housing to further your campus goals in ways you never imagined possible.



At the start of the housing master plan project at SUNY Morrisville, the institution had just completed the process of developing its campus strategic plan which included a clearly defined set of goals for the campus. We were able to implement strategies within the student housing planning to support these goals and further the mission of the campus. 

History of Success