The culture of higher education is rich with the tradition of true consensus-driven decisions.  Incorporating a diversity of opinion and letting each perspective be heard, considered and incorporated is a great strength of any successful institution.  Building consensus on your campus is among our highest priorities.


Student Meeting Consensus

Diverse perspectives

We accomplish consensus by listening and applying our experience working with the diverse perspectives of administration, students, staff, and faculty.  We can assure everyone’s input is heard and understood while also offering the context of other relevant perspectives. We encourage considering input from groups that are sometimes not given the opportunity to be heard but always have important considerations. Our planning approach leads to deliverables with a scope, schedule, and budget that all stakeholders have approved. 

Build Consensus


Consensus building played a major role during our planning of the multi-phase East Campus Housing project at Binghamton University. Ensuring that all stakeholder feedback was incorporated played a crucial role in the project development and overall success of the project. Similarly at SUNY Brockport, our planning services helped to bring the campus together and provide direction to an existing master plan, leading to the design and construction of Eagle Hall.